Rebel Rebel Talent and Jess Bethune are a match made in heaven. As a startup creative agency, Rebel Rebel are chasing everyday people. Jess is the girl next door, but she has that look in her eye.

It’s projects like these that get me super excited. The concepts that evolve from a late night thought into a passion-filled business idea. When I was asked to test shoot with some of RRT’s emerging models, keen was an understatement.

Jess is a total babe, has a keen eye for composition, styling and chose both locations for our shoot as she had been scouting around Brisbane in advance! We tried to ignore the creepy sounds coming from the boarded-up classrooms of an abandoned TAFE campus. Managing to block out the mental images of zombie attacks, we got some seriously cool shots!

Can we just take a moment here? Yup. Ok. That hair though!

These two black & white’s are possibly my favourites from the entire shoot.

Rebel Rebel Talent have so much to offer, as they represent not only models, but actors & writers as well! If you haven’t already, check out their website & Instragram. Read their story & check out the talent!

All photos by Morgan Smith for the Morgan Journal, Jess Bethune & Rebel Rebel Talent.


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