When Anna & I were shooting in this dreamy coastal home, we knew fairly quickly we would end up with a two part story. Firstly we worked on Anna’s Autumn Edit, and then these shots were born of the ocean air for Alabasta Doll.

Ocean Air Alabasta Doll Ocean Air Alabasta Doll

Seasons change slowly by the sea. I type this wearing an oversized knit, whilst Anna was wearing oversized linen. It was Autumn already, but the ocean breeze was holding on to Summer.

Ocean Air Alabasta Doll

Locations like these leave you dreaming of endless possibilities, unlikely tans and alternate lifestyles. Where will feet touch down and our souls take root?

Ocean Air Alabasta Doll

Capturing the effortless style of this magical woman is one of my favourite things to do. It is such a pleasure shooting with Anna!

Anna wears this sunny number from Revolve and beautiful boaters by Heather McDowell. Cropt are behind Anna’s colour, and those curls are all natural.

For more from Anna, follow her Instagram and blog Alabasta Doll. If you missed our previous shoot in this gorgeous location, you can check it out here!

All photography by Morgan Smith for Alabasta Doll and the Morgan Journal.


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