Ducking between shelters in the city rain, Rebel Rebel Talent‘s Nikaia Irwin and I had a ball on our first shoot together! There’s something about this young singer songwriter that’s hard to pin down, but there’s a certain energy in those dusty blue eyes. Rebel Rebel Talent Nikaia Irwin Rebel Rebel Talent Nikaia Irwin Rebel Rebel Talent Nikaia Irwin

I find it so interesting when shooting in public places how people react to photographs being taken. Some do an awkward duck-under dance, others clear the area as if we’ll include them accidentally, many smile as though very proud of the model, and others boldly suggest they take part! I quite often follow this up by saying, “Absolutely, next shot is yours!” They always decline the offer…

Despite being very new to the game, Nikaia’s confidence was heartwarming. Being able to capture single moments of that sheer fearlessness of self – it gets me every time!

For more from Nikaia check out her Instagram here.

Rebel Rebel Talent are an enormously supportive startup agency for models and creatives, representing the everyday girls. You can find more out about them on their website and check out their Instagram here.

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All photography by Morgan Smith for the Morgan Journal.


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