Into The Wind was created for the exhibition, Our Way With The World, held in June at the Bean in Brisbane. Curated by Jennifer Anne (who you may remember from her interview with MJ), every artist was asked to create a series that reflected their place within world, discussing the need change towards a sustainable future.


In collaboration with Kristy Quade of Unchained & Insane, we set about to shoot a fully thrifted wardrobe in a grounded setting. We have both grown up op shopping first, buying new second. We were also both raised around the region we shot in; Kristy living amongst the vegetable growers of the valley, and myself on a small cattle property on ridge above.

For those of you who have followed Kristy, and perhaps our work together over the last couple of years (you can see some of our previous work here & here), you’ll know she wears vintage, thrifted or second hand clothing more often than not. She’s a big fan of brands like Gucci & Moschino, and purchases these through the pre-loved designer portal Vestiaire Collective.

The sustainability discussion surrounding the fashion industry is a big one. It’s a bit odd to quote myself during a blog post, but when my bio was written to accompany this body of work, it included this statement:

“My interests have always been in charismatic vintage & consciously made labels. The fashion industry is, we hope, on the verge of a revolution. Companies are held accountable for their manufacturing processes as the consumers are held accountable for their purchases. As a photographer I hope to help drive home the importance of thoughtful, sustainable fashion.”

Morgan Smith – Morgan Journal

An enormous thank you goes to Kristy Quade, who has worked with me numerous times over the last couple of years and gives 110% of herself every time. Into The Wind was, as you can probably tell, shot on the most blustery Winter’s day! As she is about to embark on her next overseas adventure, I’m thrilled to be able to release not only this series, but also another one in the next few weeks. The passion and sheer brightness of life that comes through in these images I’m very proud to say captures Kristy perfectly. Ireland, you better treat my girl well!

For more from Kristy, follow her blog Unchained & Insane, and on Instagram here & here.

For more from Jennifer Anne, curator and instigator of this whole body of work, you can find her here.

All photography by Morgan Smith of the Morgan Journal in collaboration with Kristy Quade.


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