Kristy Quade led us up a mountain. For this girl there is nowhere I wouldn’t climb! Trekking up Table Top with a group of friends, carrying camera gear and sharing out Kristy’s wardrobe bags, we hiked to the top of this local landmark.


This is the final collaboration Kristy & I were able to work on before she jetted off to Europe! It’s incredibly special. Kristy’s styling, movement and mood always capture my imagination. She embodies a different era with each project we work on. You can check out our previous editorials here, here & hereBURNT SIENNA // KRISTY QUADE

It’s a very dry time of year, made worse by this seemingly endless drought. High on a hill it is a stark reality. It seems odd in a way to create moments of beauty, to revel in the tone on tone colour pallet of our wardrobe and this landscape. We share the vitality of a woman in the midst of a parched country.

This series quite honestly could not have happened without the wonderful group of people who hiked along with us. It’s a wonderful thing to have dedicated friends who not only happily (or without complaint) get up early to clamber over rocks with you, but also bring cheese & fruit to enjoy with the view!

Combining a pallet of warm whites, passionate reds and the most gorgeous burnt orange combo that really could have been made for each other, Kristy danced her way across the mountain top. I lay on the ground, sat on cacti (accidentally) and captured the magnetic energy that is Kristy Quade.

Females possess such incredible personalities. There is nothing more powerful than a woman who knows her mind, is comfortable with her body, and aware of her own skin. She is shameless, inquisitive, persuasive, pragmatic and as naturally stunning as the view from the top of this mountain. Whether it’s a good day or a bad day, a dry season or has been raining for weeks, the land knows how to catch your breath. We climbed to the top & admired her beauty. Mother Nature is the woman we all admire.

All photography by Morgan Smith of the Morgan Journal in collaboration with Kristy Quade of Unchained & Insane.


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